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Alliance pACKAGE

The Alliance Package is the epitome of personalised service and well-being, combining all the benefits of the Unity and Pride Packages while introducing unique elements focused on holistic growth. With 24/7 business assistance, mindfulness webinars, and bespoke health programs, this package is your comprehensive guide to professional and personal success.

Make your membership count; a portion of your monthly fee goes directly to initiatives supporting LGBTQ+ youth charities. Elevate your business while uplifting the community.

All Features of Unity & Pride Packages

This package builds on the strong foundations of our previous tiers, giving you the networking opportunities, expert consultations, and organisational spotlight that have defined our offerings.


Personal Concierge Advice

Your time is valuable. With 24/7 concierge service, you get immediate guidance and resources for any business concern, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


Mindfulness Webinars

Our bimonthly mindfulness webinars offer you a sanctuary to recharge and refocus, enriching both your professional life and your well-being.


Total Well-being Package

Elevate your lifestyle with our personalised health and fitness plans. These plans are designed to optimise your physical and mental performance.

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